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TENANCY AT WILL. I was a market trader. I rented a shop

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TENANCY AT WILL. I was a market trader. I rented a shop within the market. The rent was
negotiated at £1500pw rising to £1650pw once fully operational. IMPORTANTLY: The Deposit was negotiated at £3300 precisely because the max rent would be £1650. It was clearly agreed that Deposit = 2 weeks rent. (nb: in gathering my evidence for this case, I hired an ABI detective: Association of British Investigators, HM Court/Law Society approved - he recorded precisely this when he enquired by phone posing as a prospective tenant. OK - so I moved in, stocked, refurbished. 3 weeks later when the work was finished the landlord arrived padlocked the door to prevent trading and DOUBLED MY RENT. He issued the rent notification letter. Clause 1.10 says that 'rent can be raised from time to time as agreed between landlord and tenant' (I certainly wasn't agreeing to a rent increase of £78k pa 3 weeks after occupancy. I would not pay. I relocated where my established business failed as a direct result of this opportunistic extortion. nb: I had been in the market in a smaller shop for 3 years. I had inherited money. The unscrupulous landlord had 'got wind' of that, and attempted opportiunistic extortion. note: the double railway arch that was my shop was then divided and rented at £650ea (£1300pw). £200 less than I was paying: thus further proving the extortion. I need a lawyer. I took it to one and he said 'Tenancy at Will' is useless. In which case I should sue as it was a tool in the scam. Surely it is not so useless. Surely they can't just double rent. ABI is reputable. Clause 1.10 is in black and white. Please help/advise. My shop did not survive the move. I would never have moved but for this. The market is owned by a billionaire. I must claim damages for the unscrupulous actions of this 'opportunistic' unlawful managment team.

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Customer: replied 1 year ago.
00353871008019 at 5pm

To confirm conversation - usually you dont have a claim for tenancy at will but in this case its breach of contract. The Landlord has breached a provision which means you may have a contractual claim.

You are warned if your claim is for more than £10,000 then you will be liable for costs of the other side (as well as your own) if you lose.

The claim you say is over £100,000 or so and therefore costs for each side are likely to be circa £60,000.

It has been suggested Mediation is appropriate, as this can lead to settlement.

I hope this helps.

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Hello. I have been waiting for the 2nd opinion for 2 hours. I have agreed with this first opinion. It is exactly as I thought myself. Clause 1.10 is solid. I sent contract and detective's report. When will I get my response. It said 8 minutes?

You just need to wait for another expert to respond. I sadly have no control over that


Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Please advise why I have not received the 2nd opinion that I was offered. I have still heard nothing and I wanted this confirmation before tomorrow morning.

Its up to other experts to respond if they wish to.

I am sure someone else will be along to assist.