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I have your unsolicited but well-presented (and gorgeous

Customer Question

I have your unsolicited but well-presented (and gorgeous pic) of enquiry and I have a problem in that I have, naively, entered a sector of the financial trading markets which can be very lucrative but yet is populated by foreign - mostly American - criminals who are cunning animals who have no difficulty in avoiding the the ineffective financial constraints which, uselessly, are supposed to be in place to counteract their nefarious behaviour which has cost me many thousands of pounds.
If you are aware of the markets, you will have probably guessed that I am referring to the BINARY OPTIONS' circus currently in full swing with, literally, scores of different Unregulated operators making huge fortunes from the gullible and plain stupid within which group - due to my own foolishness of failing to see the stupidity of dealing with unregulated firms, I must declare I am presently, very uncomfortably situated!
I had no difficulty whatever in locating THREE different firms who I trusted to deal honestly and soon discovered that I had got it all badly wrong!
I have two accounts through, so-called London-based firms and another through a Zurich broker and the amounts that are "locked-up" within these firms is £46k, £48k & £15k respectively.
I am of advanced years but still have my marbles and I regularly kick myself around the office as I have totally exhausted the entire barrage of ridiculously highly-paid public officers who are charged to take care of the mentally (financially) deranged like myself in this industry and I have drawn a blank - apart, that is, from the smart London law firm who offered to assist @£750 + vat p.h.!
If, therefore, dear lady, you believe there is the remotest likelihood of you interesting yourself in assisting me for on a No Win/No Fee basis - (but, of course, with an agreed retrieval percentage fee) I would be delighted to tell my story as my three prime banks with whom I have dealt for years are becoming increasingly upset with my performance and it is becoming untenable with the alternative being that I attempt to walk away from the situation which is not my style - particularly as the baddies will be laughing all the way to THEIR respective banks!
I require a hard-nosed, tough member of your team as these people are gangsters and are skilled in their trade of deception and manner of operation - not a great incentive but, I tell it "as it is".
Looking forward to telling my story - even if it may possibly be a blueprint from which, hopefully, for others avoiding the same mistakes which I have made in, finally, recognising that the wonderful "short cut" which I had erroneously considered the departure from my normal legitimate financial trading to be turned out to be a complete and utter fallacy.
I will, m'Lud, await your verdict! Thanks.
BRIAN E KEEPING ***@******.*** Winchester: 01962 807455
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Law
Expert:  F E Smith replied 1 year ago.

I am familiar with this “market”.

What is your legal question regarding this?