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Do you deal with laws in the republic of Ireland?? marion

hi do you deal with... Show More
hi do you deal with laws in the republic of Ireland?? marion
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1. Dear Marion, I will be happy to help you. However, can you please first explain a few details. Whose name was on the title deeds to the house at the time of your father's death in December 2000? Have you checked the title deeds today to the house? Whose name is ***** ***** title deeds today? What did your father's will state about the house, if he left a will? Is your "Nan" your grandmother? Did she inherit the house from her husband, your grandfather?

Customer reply replied 1 year ago.
Hi my nans name was on them but my dad always believed his were to, my nan passed away in August last year so I have left dealing with this a while out of respect. so after my nan passed away it turned out that my aunt patricia carrolls name was put on the house which no one in the family knew about it was always known to everybody that it was my dads, my dad didn't state it in his will he will have passed away 16 yrs this Christmas day I think from the way he spoke to me that when my nan passed away it would then automatically become mine as he was the eldest and legitimate child plus my grandfathers money that was given to here for the payment towards the house and I am also the eldest grandchild. yes my nan is my grandmother. its a bit complicated my nan was married to my fathers father from 1941 to 1971 but they split up years before as you know you cant just get divorced in Ireland and my nan had another 9 children to someone else, she even claimed widows pension for my grandfather Patrick Boyle the other 9 siblings surnames are ***** ***** house was not part of my nans will, sorry I hope I have put everything you asked for down. thank you

2. Dear Marion, if your father's name wasn't on the title deeds, then he never owned the house, I regret to say. From what you set out, it appears as if your father has a misguided belief that he owned the house when this was not the case. If one person, such as your Nan's name is ***** ***** title deeds, then she is the owner, I regret to say. It also appears that your father mislead you in telling you that you would inherit the house, when it was not within his capability to leave the house to you, as he didn't own it. This is particularly stark where your grandfather was no longer living with your Nan, who was now having nine children by a different man. I regret to say that you cannot make a case based on the mistaken belief of your father that he owned the house, when in fact he didn't, even if he mislead you that he did.

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Customer reply replied 1 year ago.
Thank you for your advice

4. You are welcome.