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In London, we are in a small block of flats all with share

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In London, we are in a small block of flats all with share of freehold that share a garden with some private and communal areas and we own all the flats bar one and usually rent those out but do occasionally return to live there. The one flat we do not own contains a 30-40-something couple who inherited the flat some years ago and we got on with initially (not close but respectful) but who suddenly became quite aggressive and from nowhere, kicked off a dispute about ownership of the garden as they claimed to own most of it but in an initial round of solicitors talks, they got nowhere as most of it, it seems, is owned by our leases. Our relationship grew frostier but we kept our distance as we still needed to communicate over freehold matters and things remained calm.
However, this year, they seem determined to upset our otherwise very happy tenants and I am viewing this as harassment or antisocial behaviour and wonder if you can suggest some action as my tenants are upset and I am worried some are thinking of leaving.
Here are examples of what the couple have done - they have laid out unnecessary objects in the garden like random boxes and builders equipment which they do not use or need. They play music more loudly than they used to, shout a lot, stamp their feet hard so the noise upsets the tenants on the floor below and slam the front door so hard that the door is broken. Then they put up an awkward washing line that blocks everyone’s way and they do not have children or pets but our other tenants do but the couple decided to cover the garden with toxic slug killer and one of the tenant’s children almost consumed it. But the final straw was they also decided to do some slapdash painting of joint property off their own backs without consulting us and did not give our tenants any notice so now the tenants’ garden property, toys, bikes etc. are covered in paint as well as it splashed carelessly all over nice walls. Both our tenants and myself are fuming.
I cannot speak directly to the couple as I am very angry. I would like to do the right thing through the law. What do you suggest? Is this harassment? Antisocial behaviour order? Can we claim damages for the property damaged? Thanks

Hello my name is ***** ***** I will help you with this.

Do you know the cost of the damage done please?

Ash and other Law Specialists are ready to help you
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
I have not seen but I suspect its not much e.g. a couple of hundred quid

Thanks. Alex