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I am a locksmith. I was called out to open a jammed back

Customer Question

I am a locksmith.
I was called out to open a jammed back uVPC door. The keys did not work the lock.
This can be quite a challenging job as the multipoint mechanism wich I need access to is located between the door edge and door frame, but the door is broken in the locked position. In cinemar movy terms this would be called a "CATCH 22"
However with my 15 years locksmith experience I managed to open the door.
Some locksmiths walk away if after trying the more obvious preliminary things they can see they aren't getting anywhere.
I replaced a faulty gearbox and the door was back to normal. I received £77 for the job.
About 2 months later I was called back as the door had jammed again. This time my 15 years in the trade did not help and after an over an hour of trying all I new, I could not manage to get the door open.
I apologised and explained my predicament. I did not know for sure if it was the gearbox that had gone again as I could not open the door. their are a number of other
parts that can cause the same problem. It may have been that I could charge more for
additional work.
I had know option in my opinion but to assume it was the original gearbox that I had already charged him for and offered a full and immediate refund of the £77 explaining he would be back to the original jammed door problem.
He was very disappointd and told me he did not want my money. He further told me that the next time I would see him would be in court.
About a week later he sent me a demand for £429.
I have now received a letter from his solicitor for different amount of £392
They have also issued me a County court Claim form with a claim for £392.
Can you advise if in your opinion I should pay this or should I stick to my offer of a full refund for the original job.
Also should I speak to the claiments solicitor about the above or would that possibly be
used to to their advantage
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Law
Expert:  Jo C. replied 1 year ago.

Sorry but I'm not clear exactly what you are supposed to have done that you should not?