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My next door but one neighbours do not like my dog. I have

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My next door but one neighbours do not like my dog. I have two, they do not mind one but object to the tone and volume of the large dog. I bring him in if he barks more than a few barks. Often evening barking is provoked by said neighbours cats charging over my property. Daytime barking is minimal, only alert at passing people/dogs and very short-lived.
I am training a lot with this dog who is 15 months old. I asked my local council to help me with training after receiving many abusive and intimidating emails from the neighbours. At one point I was crying a lot, very stressed at their evening emails, not sleeping and having panic attacks.
Nw they want me to keep him inside 24 hours a day though the council has said this is unreasonable, they now ask for 8.30pm to 7am and that he be brought in for one hour after 1-2 barks. Again unreasonable, they have mentioned taking me to court. What can they do and what can I do. The road is small and I feel bullied and intimidated, thank you

they could take you to court if they wanted to.

It will cost them to do that.

In any event, it is pointless because this is just plain not nuisance.

All dogs bark. It is their purpose in life. What they should not do is bark continuously for long periods of time. Usually more than twenty minutes continuous barking is required repeatedly.

I wouldn't worry about this. Just ignore them. The Council clearly are not interested and neither will be the courts be.

This is just the usual twaddle that people who have nothing better to do come up with.

Can I clarify anything for you?


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Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Thank you that is reassuring. Do I have any recourse for the nasty emails? Bullying and intimidating