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To you I have a problem with my neighbor regarding my puppy

Customer Question

Good day to you
I have a problem with my neighbor regarding my puppy (now 8 months).
When I first moved into this house my neighbor informed my of the problems he had with the previous tenets and their dog. My neighbor has 2 dogs himself.
In January when I received permission form my landlady to get my dog I informed my neighbor of this and his response was "oh no not another".
My pup arrived in Feb at 6 weeks of age. During the first week I was on leave and tried training my puppy to be left in the kitchen. My neighbor knocked on my door complaining about her crying. since then I have unfortunately had to take my dog out with me where ever I go (this has only aggravated the separation anxiety. I have had it where on coming home (before I have finished parking my car) he has come out to complain, to the point where at one point I was always tense when ever I approached my house. Both my daughter and I have seen him watching us through the frosted glass of his front door on numerous occasions.
No only have I been on the recieving end but he has constantly phoned my rental agency, he txts my landlady, I have had the social wardens sent round, he now has the Environmental health officer sending me letters (those in turn are very one sided). I in turn have had to resort to sending the police to visit him. The first time was because he called me a F...... c... the second time he muttered at my daughter that one day he was going to kill my dog.
Last week my land lady gave me 2 months notice on my house and one of the reasons given was that she was tired of receiving tst messages from the neighbor about my dog.I have also been told that I have no right having a dog as I work, My dog complains the moment I leave the house now as she is so used to going everywhere with me.
Since acquiring my little dog I have;
Tried her in the kitchen, given her the kitchen and living room. Opened upstairs, brought her back down, Adaptil (a defuser that apparently calms) , given Rescue drops (she still gets those), natural calming tabs. Sterilization. She is now in a cage in my daughters room and that is the furthest room from his side (Letter at the weekend from environmental health officer stated I was to keep the window closed as my neighbor could still hear my dog). She is also on anti depressants.
Currently I feel that no matter what I have a neighbor that will not allow my dog to learn that its ok for me to leave the house as I will return.
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Law
Expert:  Ash replied 1 year ago.

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