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Almost three years ago now my husband started behaving

Customer Question

Almost three years ago now my husband started behaving oddly. He had problems with his business - it went into liquidation - and then he began seeing a psychotherapist because he wanted to contact his real parents (he is adopted). He cried a lot and seemed generally depressed. We then sold a property and received more than £200,000. It was after this that my husband literally went mad: believing people were following him, accusing me of hacking his phone and bank accounts and putting bugs on our daughter. My very loyal husband began disappearing to hotels for days at a time, going on shopping trips to Harrods and coming home with extraordinary things. He would invariably phone me up when away and tell me he'd called the police because people had entered his room at night. Eventually, he admitted to taking cocaine and to cut a long and very disturbing story short he was Sectioned under the mental health act. He was released too quickly and went to a clinic which he quit early because "they were all crazy" and the clinic manager phoned me to say do not live with this man. My daughter was desperately missing her father so I did not act on this advice. I also have multiple sclerosis and was subsequently very ill, so that my mother had to come and care for me. In the meantime my husband blew all the money we had just earned (without paying tax) and although it is now a year and a half since he left the clinic we argued last week and I caught him with cocaine again. I cannot say if he is doing this all the time. He hasn't worked for a year now and I have just taken out a loan to support us. I am gaining strength but my health has meant I have not been able to do as much financially as I would like. As my husband owes a lot of money we have decided to put the house on the market (it is valued at £1.3 million and has a £160,000 - this is 30K more than it was two years ago as my husband borrowed money without informing me). I am between a rock and a hard place - deciding which will impact my health more: being a single mother or continuing to live with my husband. On the legal side, I am not happy about selling the house to pay off debts he incurred 'when high', nor am I happy at being in situation in which I don't know if he is still using drugs. When I caught him the other day I said - more as a threat than anything else - that I would legally separate until he cleans up his act. I wondered, therefore, what legally I can do to protect myself, to protect our joint assets so that my daughter is in turn protected and whether there is a means of doing this in which I can somehow give him a 'final chance'. In short I would like to know from a legal standpoint how best I should act. Many thanks, ***** *****
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Law
Expert:  Harris replied 1 year ago.

Hi, thank you for your question. Just a bit more information required to fully assist you:
-How old are you both?
-How long have you been married?
-How old is your daughter?
-What other assets and pensions do you both have (both sole and joint), together with values?
-What are your respective incomes?
-What is the value of the property, and what is the outstanding mortgage?
-Whose name is ***** ***** in?

-Are you intending on pursuing a divorce?

Expert:  Harris replied 1 year ago.

Hi, this question remains open. Please could you provide the requested information so that I can assist you.