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I am asking on behalf of a friend who started to see a

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I am asking on behalf of a friend who started to see a psychotherapist about 2 or 3 years ago. She is a very vulnerable lady with no family and is generally isolated. She has had a string of abusive relationships. She went to see a therapist for help.
The therapist told her that she had a demon that wanted to kill her. She totally trusted and believed everything that the therapist told her as she is very vulnerable so she believed this lie. This lady also had not been religious in any way. The therapist took her to see a Catholic priest to pray to get rid of the demon but they said that the demon wouldn't leave her despite their efforts. The therapist told her that the demon wouldn't go because she, the client, didn't want it to go! She also asked this lady to bring a photograph of herself as a child and when the therapist saw the photograph of the toddler she said she could see the demon in the eyes of the toddler. This lady ended up an emotional mess. She had totally trusted her therapist.
The therapist also told her that she is an expert in working with clients who have been satanically ritually abused and told this lady that this had happened to her even though there was no evidence for it. She believed all that this lady told her for about 2 years and has been in a bad way. She recently discovered her therapist is not accredited and has never completed a therapy course.
This lady is also now terminally ill and her emotional distress is such that she feels it is related to the ongoing therapy which she has. Time is limited and she wants to know if there are any criminal charges she can bring.

Did the therapist claim to be accredited?

Did your friend pay the therapist and how much?


Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Hi, The therapist did not say that she was accreditated, She just said that she was an expert in SRA. She has had no training for working with clients who are SRA and did not complete her counselling course but dropped out.I don't know how much she paid over 2 years. I have sent a message asking how much and I'm still waiting to find out. How much difference does it make?

If the therapist misled your friend by misrepresenting what she was then your friend has grounds to sue for some or all of the money paid.

The police are unlikely to take action even though the actions of the therapist could be viewed as fraudulent if she misled your friend about her qualifications and ability to help.

Best regards


Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Is there any possiblity of misconduct in public office. The therapist told my friend that she had a demon who was going to kill her and that the demon wouldn't go because she didn't want it to! She came to the therapist saying that she was suicidal and struggling with life. The sessions increased her depression and she was worse afterwards. The therapist told her that she had been put through a satanic ritual as a toddler and that is how the spirit got into her. She made no care preparation for the fact that this lady was suicidal. This is in blatant disregard of what one would expect from a therapist. The therapist also knew that what she told the lady would cause distress and that she had no friends and family to rely on. She was working as a therapist and would have known this. The other factor is that the therapist is already in prison for her inappropriate behaviour with vulnerable clients. She touched a client inappropriately in a therapy session. How much difference does this last factor make in the situation

The therapist would not be in public office in that sense. If she was a member of a professional body she could be struck off the register of that body.

She needs to have committed a criminal offence in this case. The fact she did in others such as assault does not make her guilty here.

The most likely offence here would be fraud since she took money on false pretences.


Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Is it not a criminal offence to lie to someone in that way and to cause so much emotional damage?Are the police likely to bring charges of fraud? She is an emotionally dangerous lady and it doesn't seem right that there is very little that can be done. This is what you sound as though you are saying?According to law what constitutes a public officer?Many ThanksJeanaette

Dear Jeanette

Yes I am saying that fraud is the most likely charge provided the police feel they have enough evidence in your friend's case.

A public officer is one who holds a public office such as Mayor, councillor , MP etc.

Best regards


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Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Many thanks for your help