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Issues over the development of the area adjacent to my

Customer Question

Issues over the development of the area adjacent to my property.
The old garage was demolished and the drainage field at the rear ( known to be a flood risk area by the environment agency ) for the development of 21 dwellings.
The developer has removed the top soil and has now replaced it with a road at least to feet above the ground level.
Site workers now stand head and shoulders above my 2 meter fence and able to look directly into our garden / sun lounge.
They say a new fence will be forthcoming ?
The power company installed a generator next to my property for three weeks during the hottest spell of the year, to make alterations for the site.
We suffered a diesel engine running continuously for 24 hrs a day for three weeks
Unable to open the windows due to the noise and fumes, plus sleepless nights.
My wife became ill due to this ( we are in our middle seventies )
No apologies whatsoever from EDF.
I am very concerned for any storm water running from their development, flooding my property as we are below their new ground level.
They assure us that this will never happen ??????????
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Law
Expert:  Michael Holly replied 1 year ago.

The developers are certainly not considerate but many of your concerns may not come to pass. With regards ***** ***** fence you have no right not to be overlooked but the vast majority of people would share your concern and would not want to be. The developers have said that they will put up a fence and you can hold them to that.

Should it transpire that flooding is a problem they will be liable for any damage caused. A developer must put in adequate drainage for any development.

You may wish to consider asking for compensation for all the noise and inconvenience. They will deny any responsibility but may make a small payment .

Best regards