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Yesterday a group of high school kids were bullying and

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Hi there,
Yesterday a group of high school kids were bullying and intimidating our primary school kids in a public park. Three separate mums tried to reason with the bullies on four separate occasions to stop their anti-social behaviour. On the fourth time these kids were abusive, threatening and intimidating to my wife and our children as they were leaving the park after again trying to stop their behaviour. They were cowering under the abuse and I ran onto the park towards my wife and children and shouted at these kids to scare them off. They scattered and cycled away. Have I committed any offence??

Only a low level public order offence if anything at all.

It depends exactly what you did and what is alleged.

And how old they are really.

Proceeding on the basis that they exaggerate what you did this could amount to a S5 public order or S4 public order.

The defence of another is a defence to those charges.

It is difficult to tell really. I don't know whether or not they are going to allege that you made more serious threats. It is quite unlikely that they would charge anything like threats to kill or anything like that. It is difficult to prove that offence even if the accusers do say that it what you said.

Can I clarify anything for you?


Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Hi Jo C,Kids are probably 12 or 13?? No allegations as yet and none(fingers crossed) expected. I was just protecting my wife and kids from their abuse. Never made any physical contact and didn't chastise them either because they all scattered and cycled off. I just wondered where I stood if allegations were made by a parent for example?

Yes, well the lesson is don't get involved in your wife's disputes. I am always amazed at how rarely men would end up in court if they were not either defending women or sorting out their disputes.

How would they identify you?

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
True. My wife works at a hospital and one of the nurses(kids mum) contacted her and said I shouted at the and scared him. The mum appears reasonable and was unaware of her sons behaviour in full. We also reported the incident to local police and obtained a crime number.

OK. So there is no ID issue.

It is a S5 or S4 public order then at the highest point.

I'm not sure they would charge you. It is not really in the public interest.

Also, in fairness, most people don't keep the police on speed dial. It is only a very small section of society that do that essentially because it is free and usually they are the ones who drain every other service. There have been home office studies that have suggested that something like 2% of the population make up 98% of the drain upon the emergency services. Those figures may not be quite right but it illustrates the point.

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
I assume the kids are in the clear despite their threatening behaviour. I shouted at them to get them to stop but I assuming I'll be the 'bad guy' if the police get involved? I made no threats to physically harm them but I'm sensing where this may end up if it escalates?

Oh no, but we are pre empting a situation where they may lie. Accusers do that sometimes.

If things were reported as you describe then you have not committed an offence.

I would imagine though that if they are going to make a report though they will not tell the whole truth.

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Is it a their word my word scenario. Three other mums at the park also had the same problem with these cherubs. Will have to wait and see eh? Thanks for your help.
Kindest regards

Not if you can get the other people there to make statements.

It is the least they can do given that you were sorting out their disputes.

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Thank you again. If it comes to it I will. Have a lovely week!! :)

And you.

All the best.

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