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Clare, Solicitor
Category: Law
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Experience:  I have been a solicitor in High Street Practice since 1985 with a wide general experience.
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Can I get State - Legal Aid? I am registered disabled, aged

Customer Question

Can I get State - Legal Aid?
I am registered disabled, aged 86-+, currently ill with disabling Rhumatised Arthritis, I get full disablement benefit each week.
i have no material savings having had a costly divorced many years ago!
My 'Top-flat' is worth today about £400,000 + and the value is appreciating!
I have had a longstanding disputes with many of the old 'freeholders' companies then owning the Freeholds.
My Lease on my flat, is one of 39!
The 39 flats are in four blocks, extensive gardens.
This is a 'Conservation' area called - 'Southgate Green'
Through all my 40+ years of my ownership I have had persistent water damage from the common water tank or later smaller tanks or supply's in the loft above my flat and an area controlled by the then 'freeholder'.
In the last two years it took a year to correct a water leak - wrongly said initially to be a leaking roof whereas it was a leak in the mains supply above my flat in the common area loft. When repaired the common supply to my own private electric shower was then damaged beyond repair by dirt or rubbish in the common supply plus very poor pressure! My own plumber then had to adjust the common supplies and fit the new electric shower!
Various earlier floods from above materially damaged by flat at various dates,
changes of ownership by a series the then freeholders frustrated all my efforts to get repairs or compensation for material damage to the fabric of my flat - resulting damage 'blew ' the plaster of my ceilings, corniche & walls. This is still not repaired- I have had to decorate around blown plaster in the ceilings & walls!
All the 38 of the other flats have now got new leases of 999 yrs plus one share in the new company owning the Freeholds of all the flats. I am denied this new lease. My old lease requires special audited annual accounts to allocate my maintenance. I am denied these accounts - thus making it impossible to file them to support my annual State Grant re property support? Also in recent years - when accounts were presented - they were outside the time limits required by The Companies Act 1948 - as amended
The funding for the purchase of the flats was through the the Residents Associatiion of which I was a fully paid-up member until they broke the law - then I resigned but they used my subscriptions with others to buy the Freehold.
During this illegal period the Residents Association re- wired all the common electric supplies to all the flats - they used armoured cables (normally for underground use) for internal supplies!
These cables are very hard to manipulate. - in my flat they caused the kitchen ceiling to collapse, the kitchen cupboards to fall down, the new consumer units to be installed at a angle - all though the wrong type of mains cable. In addition they asked me to leave my flat open whilst they redecorated the common stairway and front doors of each flat. I was working in Cheltenham and returned some days later to find my flat open! The door stripped but not redecorated, the stairs - some 16 common steps & a common landing stripped bare - whereas all other common parts had been redecorated and had new floor coverings! This area to my flat - being a common area - was left bare for years until a new management firm insisted they corrected the stair carpets. I had already paid for my door to be redecorated. Etc.
Whoops - I am ill in bed! Using a new IPad !
Sorry about the chaos !
Barry Kelland
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Law
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Perhaps I should have added that :- I am rather I'll with R.Arthritis - almost helpless! Enfield Social Services are very much involved - but lost my file! Now they are recommending immediate! Help to make my flat safe! A new extensive wet room - originally proposed some 13 yrs ago! But they lost my file! Just found it! So I am rather in a personal mess!
Expert:  Clare replied 1 year ago.

Thank you for your question

My name is Clare

I have bad news I am afraid - legal Aid is not available for cases such as this - and indeed Civil Legal Aid is barely available at all.

Please ask if you need further details