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Thank you for taking the time of reading and (maybe

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Thank you for taking the time of reading and (maybe answering my question) regarding this tenancy matter.
I have been privately renting my flat since 29th September 2015 (a contract of 12 months).
Since end of June 2016, we've been having a mice infestation. mice have been viewed and droppings everywhere.
Pest control have been coming and trying all they could (baits, sealing holes, mechanical traps...) but unfortunately the mice are still around.
My daughter and I have a phobia of mice, it has been traumatising seeing it running under our beds, in the kitchen and finding droppings on sofa, tables and beds... we have been living with my in-laws and only coming home during the day (mice are not visible then).
I started looking for a place, while still paying my rent (paid until end of this month - August 2016), I asked to leave by the end of August and asked for my 6 weeks deposit back 1 month before the end of the tenancy (29th September 2016). My request has been refused by the estate/landlord because "they have done their part and sent the pest control 5 times and it's the building's problem not the landlord's".
Practically and in reality, mice are still here in the flat, regardless whose responsibility it is. It is just unacceptable to make someone live in a unclean, mice infested place.
So as a tenant, what are my legal rights?
Kind Regards,

Have you spoken to the council. They may have a view on this as it could be a hazard under the housing health and safety rating system.

Contact pest control / environmental health. The council may have a pest control service but will no doubt charge for any service provided.

It is not your responsibility to remedy unless the infestation is a direct consequence of any act negligence or default on your part.

Unless the council deem the property unfit for occupation your only option is to serve 2 months' notice to quit.

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