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Currently have a dispute with a customer. This is short

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HI currently have a dispute with a customer.
This is short summary,
our customer paid a stage payment of £2000.00 due to time constraints we couldn't complete the work for this stage so it was agreed to off set this against the final completion payment. This left . £536.84 outstanding.We have also deducted costs of work that was verbally agreed to be completed on site leaving approximately £236.84 left to go back to them.
The customer is now denying they ever agreed to this work being billed as extras. I have no emails saying 'yes bill me after for it' as such but and example is a toilet they were supply and we were fitting - they ordered the incorrect toilet the outlet was in the wrong place, when the delivered the replacement he had ordered a completely different style of toilet, he text to say that the pipework would need to be altered for it because he had ordered something different. The extra work was agreed with his wife on site to do it and just let them know how much it is at the end. There are 2 other bits of work like this that they are now denying.
They sourced some garage doors, we purchased them on their behalf and fitted them as per the supplier instructions. unfortunately the doors have moved and the oak veneer has started to peel.
The supplier no longer sells the garage doors.
I have sent them a cheque to refund the cost we paid for the garage doors.
I have offered to pay for the fitting of new garage doors once it has been done.
I found out myself that they had decorated the garage doors and not replaced them. I sent them £150 for the decoration with the refund for the garage doors. They say it cost £300. I have asked for proof 3 times they wont send it too me.We are going round in circles about it he wont except anything but his proposed settlement which included a refund for the doors - he wants more money than the doors we purchased even though I have sent him a copy of the invoice from the supplier to show what we paid, the full £536.84 as he says he shouldn't pay for additional work and the £300 for the refitting of the doors prior to it being carried out.I have spoken to Ben Jones on here before about this so I know I don't have to pay for the refitting until its actually been done etc.As I say we are going round in circles he wont except anything but his proposal he refuses to bank my cheque for the refund, and he wants to see all the emails and texts that I am referring to about the additional work. What should I do now about the situation??? I want to bank transfer him the refund we have calculated and ask him to contact us via letter to our registered address only but I don't know if this is right or not. The project we completed for them cost us a lot of money due to incorrect products they supplied, changes they made along the way it was generally a very stressful experience working for them, none of my guys want to ever work there again. I don't have the want or time to keep going over this with him please help!

Hello and thank you for your question, it is very important to us.

I have read the question and the background provided my colleague Ben

What is it you would like to know about this? Is it just what you should do at this stage, if anything?

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
I would like to know what to do now and where do I stand re the verbally agreed elements.I don't want to keep getting emails from him going over the same things - basically he doesn't except what I'm saying and will only except his proposed settlement.

Ok - then you dont need to enter into protracted correspondence. You have made the offer to refund and that is it.

You dont need to keep sending letters. If he does not accept it, then it is up to the customer to issue a small claim. You can then defend it.

But verbal agreements are binding, just like written ones. Written ones you have a paper trail, but that is not to say verbal ones are not binding.
Can I clarify anything for you about this today please?

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Customer: replied 1 year ago.
would it be acceptable to go back to him and reiterate our position briefly ie we've stated our position in previous correspondence and that he is to forward any further communications to our registered company address which is our accountants so I can ignore any other emails etc unless it come via that address. I'm so fed up with getting emails from him going round in circles...