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I am writing on behalf of my brother. He is a doctor of

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I am writing on behalf of my brother.
He is a doctor of chemistry who had a very good position in Australia.
In 2010 his wife, a British citizen returned to th UK taking their two small children.
After completing his contract my brother joined them in the UK based upon his UK ancestry from his grandparents side.
After 3 months he was asked by his wife to leave.
He retrained to be a senior chemistry teacher in high school.
My brother is a diabetic 1 person and in July of 2014 suffered a coma which has left him with short term memory loss. Thus the need for me to write in his stead. He is now living in supported accommodation.
The indefinite leave to remain stamp in his passport was inserted in 2011. He has a biometric residency card valid until 2018.
Given that he could pass the Life in the UK test, would he then be eligible for UK citizenship now and how would he go about achieving this. He certainly does not want to leave his children.
His wife and he are now divorced.

1. Dear *****, your brother will be able to apply for UK citizenship as he has had Indefinite Leave to Remain since 2011. Essentially, you only need to have lived continuously in the UK for the last year in order to apply for UK citizenship if you have ILR. Accordingly, your brother should now apply for UK citizenship. Here is a link to the UK Government website where your brother can apply and which sets out the requirements. A link to the application form is included as well

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