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I wrote to Camelot with regard to online 'Instant win games'

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I wrote to Camelot with regard to online 'Instant win games' and asked them this simple question:
"On average , each day, how many instant win games are played online and on average, how many wins of £100 or more are there daily?"
The first response was "can't do---client confidentiality etc" and when I pointed out that I was seeking generic , statistical information; non-specific and not identifying any individual winners, they came back with "can't disclose because of commercial sales figures confidentiality" ....yet their website has much information about money raised ....what I want to ask you is : can I get this under Freedom of Information Act or some other means? I believe that they are hiding the fact that seldom, if ever , does anyone win large prizes online specifically where they know people will gamble far more than buying individual cards in shops (ease of functionality, boredom, shame in public etc)...

The Freedom of Information Act allows you to get statistics from public bodies.

It defines what are public bodies.

if you then go to the schedules listed, you will find the reference to the various lotteries if you search on this page.

it appears therefore that you are able to get this information under the Act.

Can I clarify anything for you?

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Customer: replied 1 year ago.
I wrote to them and they say they are not governed by The Freedom of Information Act. I want to force them to disclose.

I can only give you the statutory provision which mentions the Lottery although there are several mentions of the organisation and it may be that the particular organisation within the lottery that you need the information from is not the one covered under the legislation. I can’t think for one moment that they would lie in writing.

Other than the Freedom of Information Act, the only way to get this information would be an application to court for pre-action disclosure if you were thinking of litigating. I can’t think why you would litigate but that’s the only way you can get the information otherwise.