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Me and my girlfriend have recently broke up and we have a

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Me and my girlfriend have recently broke up and we have a puppy. She is now demanding it's her puppy and trying to take it away? She is microchipped in my name I pay for her insurance and have paid for all of her operations and treatments and she is registered at my home address. I've offered her she can have her for two weeks and I can her for two weeks. I was just wondering who has the rights for the dog if it went to court? Regards Lee

How old is she?

Who looks after her mostly ?

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
She's is 5 months old...I look after her the most if we are both working I pay for a dog sitter to come round and look after

I wouldn't let her take the dog. She will just never return her.

However much our dogs mean to us they are property like anything else.

To recover this dog she will have to make an application to the county court for a declaration of ownership and a consequent possession order which she will not get because you have clear rights to this dog.

The risk though is that a Judge would say she is a joint asset and order her sale and the profits divided between you which nobody wants.

If I were you I would just make sure she cannot lay hands upon this dog. If she does the onus will be upon you to recover which is hard to do.

If you keep the dog under your control then it is very unlikely that she will sue.

Can I clarify anything for you?


Customer: replied 1 year ago.
The only worry from is me I don't have a recipt for when I bought the cost us £600 I paid that upfront and over 3 months she gave me £300 for it but she couldn't afford to pay for any treatments or insurances so I pay that all...I've just this minute had to pay £190 for her to be operated on. I don't know if it would be worth offering her £300 back?

You could do that.

I think it is clear this dog is jointly owned so it wouldn't matter much. There would be an advantage is setting down the purchase details in writing.

If she doesn't deny it then that is as good as an admission.

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