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I've been smeared by the manager of a mental health drop in

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I've been smeared by the manager of a mental health drop in centre for service users. I have a history of mental health difficulties and last year I was banned from the drop in for one year. (Reason for my ban was that i sent some angry texts to the managers phone) Now the year has passed, the manager refuses to meet with me, she always sends other staff to tell me to leave the premises. Today i managed to go inside the drop-in as staff were having a leaving party. I noticed several service-users (most i was cool with before the smear started) giving me a very ice cold reception. I'm 100% sure that the manager and staff have created a false persona of who i am. I just wished i could hear the conversations, but remarkably well over 100 people in this network that stretches out to other networks are keeping me well out of whats been said, and i know its very damaging, not only for me but for the recipients of the evil stories.
I wish police could covertly investigate and smash this ring to pieces. Im no longer angry but very frustrated that i dont have the freedom i really need to make a success of my life.
Any ideas would be much appreciated
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
this manager before things got worse, said to me in private in her office how "she had sexual dreams about me" this was said on two seperate occasions. I did tell people after and wanted to report the police but didnt as i didnt want things to get worse. My art was stolen from the wall and when i asked her to check the cctv, she took her time... well over two weeks, when she did check the tape, she said that blind spots could not show how my art went missing. She later said in a text that either herself or the cleaner accidentally threw it out in the bin. I later went to the CEO of Mind who paid me £20 in compensation for my lesson.The last time i spoke to her she complained about the way i made her feel.. I asked her to elaborate but she rambled some stuff as i walked away. Today was my most difficult, as i saw all the service users i used to be cool with.. I managed to wander around inside while almost everyone there (much staff and service-users, 50+) with an eerie silence towards me.. Some of the service users looked very scared. I'm 100% sure that personal details about my mental health issues from past to present are very very public.
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
on the day i had a meeting with the manager and the CEO Krishna to review my behaviour, Nichola (the manager) was very one-sided only talking about what i done wrong. I noticed how she did not comment on her own wrongs. This was the same lady who previously had me for a 1-hour long therapy session. In that session she spent the whole hour texting on her phone while i was expressing myself. (it was as if she was recording what i was saying for smearing me later). After the session had finished and we walked out the room, she contiinued to hold her down while texting on her phone as i faced her. It might look like i have a vendetta against this person, but what i actually want is to be a part of the service that i once belonged to with much respect from my peers and staff. Now ive suffered for one year to find peace and cant. I really need some professional help. This smear has stretched out to so many people and so many networks that i feel a strong need to have a new identity. I just want my life back.

What would you like to know about this?

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
I'd like to know if the police or any other law enforcement would investigate these organisations severely harassing me?I'm severely smeared and have several people treating me unfairly to the point where I rarely have peace of mind

If this is a private organisation or a trust or suchlike, they are free to choose who they have attend the centre and they can exclude you or anyone else for any reason they wish or without giving a reason. That is provided they are not excluding anyone on the grounds of the normal prejudicial issues such as race, sex, religion and so on.

If they are continually getting at you, either verbally, in writing, email, or social media or anything like that, then you are entitled to have them stop under the provisions of the Protection from Harassment Act. That is a police matter. If the police are not interested you can also apply to court for an injunction to make whoever is harassing you stop harassing you.

A solicitors letter threatening the court application if whatever the action these culprits are undertaking doesn’t stop may actually resolve the issue without the trouble of going to court.

You need to keep a diary of dates, times, incidents and culprits so that you have something to present either to the police or to the court.

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Customer: replied 1 year ago.
If my mental health issues which is personal to me and the people involved in my care gone public, without my knowledge.. Then that for me would be a serious crime, especially if the source of my harassment has come from a mental
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
From a mental health professional then I would have to seek some form of justice for what I've surfaced

It could be harassment which is an offence under the Protection from Harassment Act which I have already mentioned. That is a police issue although you can bring a civil claim if you wanted to invest the money in court proceedings.

It could be defamation (slander or libel)but that isn’t going to be cheap to bring if you want to take it to court.

If there is data on new which has been released, could be a breach of the Data Protection Act which is a matter for you to report to the Information Commissioner.

If this involves release of medical records or disclosure of information from within the medical records, it is a disciplinary offence in respect of the culprit and breach of data protection in respect of the employer.

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Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Thank youCustomer. I appreciate the support very much' Cheers'

I was pleased to have been able to help you.