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I have rented a room in a house with multiple occupancy for

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I have rented a room in a house with multiple occupancy for the last 6 years. In March of this year our Landlord sold the property with all of us as sitting tenants and the new Landlord appointed an agent to handle her affairs as she is often abroad. Since the changeover, we have spent the last months trying to agree the terms and conditions of the new AST. The agents had inserted all sorts of clauses (eg a referencing fee of £400 for each of us!). We finally had a meeting with all of the tenants, the Landlord and the agents where we agreed the terms of the AST (fingers crossed) )incidently: re the referencing fee: the landlord managed to get the agents to delete that clause by saying that she did not feel that we needed to be referenced since we had been in occupation for many years without a problem).
However, the agents are still insisting that we MUST sign the AST online despite the fact that we agreed at the meeting that we all wanted to sign a hard copy of the AST. The agents are completely inept with an aggressive attitude and have continued to email us an incorrect contract, on a daily basis even though we agreed the terms at our meeting.
My question today is "do we HAVE to sign online or do we have a choice?" I have looked this up on the internet and can only find reference to something to do with "deeds" which dates back to the 1920's and in fact says that online signing, although now widespread does not constitute a "deed" and the law on this needs to be updated but hasn't been so far.
Since the agent is only a 5 minute walk from the house there is no need for online signing.
Can you clarify the online signing issue please?

Hello Dee my name is ***** ***** I will help you with this.

Is there any reason why they want you to sign online?
Are the additional fees taken out of the contract online?

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
I don't know why they are insisting we sign online. They are not English and I wonder if the boss of the agency lives a fair proportion of the time outside UK so likes to have everything online. Who knows? The point is: DO THEY HAVE THE RIGHT TO INSIST THAT WE SIGN ONLINE? YES OR NO?We have not paid additional fees. We refused and the Landlord backed us. Unfortunately she is signed up with them for a year.I cannot speak on the phone as I am at work with other people in the office. I am not sure what I am letting myself in for here as regards ***** ***** is going to cost me to get this advice. I thought £38. What is all this rubbish about free trial? It sounds a bit like Amazon's premium delivery service where they take about £98 out of your account for something you didn't know you'd signed up to!
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
I don't want to pay £38 every month! I thought this was a one off question/answer with a prompt reply

It is a one off - I have been considering my reply and looking up the law.

Do you have to sign online - no.

In law you do not have to sign online

Can I clarify anything for you about this today please?

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Sorry Ash, but the website is confusing, with many pop ups, which give the impression that you must sign up for all sorts of things in order to get a response. Obviously not your fault.Can you tell me briefly what the law states about online signing or, if this is going to take you forever, point me to where I can find it. Perhaps a link or something?

There is no law one way or another on this.

But in law they can NOT make you sign online. Contract law is common law so no Act's of Parliament.

But there is no law saying you MUST sign online, if that makes sense.

Therefore as such they can't insist - indeed whilst people do sign contracts online, they also sign paper copies.

But they can not make you sign online. There is no law to say you must

Does that clarify?

Ash and 2 other Law Specialists are ready to help you
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
thanks Ash. The fact that there is no law on this would explain why I couldn't find anything! I have been looking for a long time.Many thanks, ***** ***** nice dayDee

Happy to help and have a great day too Dee