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I rent a private property and it recently had to under go a

Customer Question

I rent a private property and it recently had to under go a considerable amount of building work. This required several groups of builders working at the property (where I live with my 3 small children) for 6 weeks where the builders were constantly using our electricity.
This incurred an extra 200 pound on top of my normal bill. Which automatically came out of my bank account as I have it as a direct debit. The estate agent who deals with the property for the landlord said I would be reimbursed once he had reviewed the bills from British Gas.
I spent over 40 minutes on the phone with British Gas explaining the situation and could they give me the exact amount the builders had incurred. The total for the period of time they were using my electricity is £193.05 which is a lot for me as I'm a full time student. So I gave the estate agent everything he had asked for but now he is refusing to reimburse me unless I send him last years bills for May to August to compare.
Can someone please advise me? I did everything he asked for and now it seems like he's just trying to prolong giving me my money back. He was querying my much larger winter bill which was paid before his men started working here and is trying to say its a run on from that. Which it isn't. As I pay monthly direct debits and the emails clearly show the new bills amounts for the time period they were here.
Thanks I'm advance
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Law
Expert:  F E Smith replied 1 year ago.

What the agent is asking for is not unreasonable to compare the amount usage last year, when you were on your own, to the amount of usage this year, over the same period of the year (weather) when the builders were in situ.

If you were to go to court over this, it is the type of evidence you would need to support a claim.

Otherwise, there is no way of knowing whether you use the electricity when the builders were there or whether they used the would be different if you had moved out of the property and the builders were in the property exclusively.

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