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I have about 12 parking ticket fines for a vehicle that i no

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I have about 12 parking ticket fines for a vehicle that i no longer own. I have provided the local authority a letter from DVLA stating that i am no longer the owner of the vehicle but the local authority wants a copy of the sales receipt for the vehicle and a letter from my insurance company confirming the date i cancelled the policy. The insurance is on my partner's trade insurance with which you can insure up to 100 vehicles without any extra cost but i don't think he has cancelled this vehicle yet but as i understand, this is not against the law and i cannot find the sales receipt. The company i sold it to is no longer there. The local authority have said that if i don't provide the receipt and letter from the insurance company by 31st August then the parking ticket fine will progress and i will be liable to pay them all. Where do i stand and what can i do to prevent this?

You do have a defence as you were not the keeper at the time of the contraventions.

However, you do have to raise evidence that you were not the keeper.

the insurance is not really a proper demand but the sales receipt is I'm afraid.

If you cannot do that then you could rely on the letter from the DVLA but whether that would be sufficient depends.

The local authority will probably not accept that but you could appeal to the Adjudicator who may.

I suppose you could raise other evidence of the transfer - money into your account etc.

Can I clarify anything for you?


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Customer: replied 1 year ago.
No that's fine.
Thank you

No problem.

All the best.