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Michael Holly
Michael Holly, Solicitor
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I tried to contact my tenant to arrange to have a new window

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I tried to contact my tenant to arrange to have a new window put in the bedroom. I texted and got no response. I delivered a letter by hand also. I texted again telling her that I had done so no response. I kept texting and was now getting a bit concerned as she always responded. I then texted 24 hours giving notice to visit no response. I turned up at the flat the next day and cannot believe the state of the property. She had been smoking in the bed and there were burn holes in the pillow the place had rotting food and waste and was a total mess I texted asking if she could contact me again no response. I told her that I think somebody else must be living here and was so concerned I would change the locks. I then did that. I left a note to say to contact me. When I got home she rang from a totally different mobile number she had changed her no and not told us and had no other contact for her. She was swearing at me and said she was calling the Police I told her to calm down and I would come back with a new set of keys. When I got back she would not see me her friend was there she was hiding in the hallway. I gave her a letter giving her two months notice to leave the property it is a rolling month to month contract. She has now contacted my partner who is away in Greece threatening me with solicitors letters. I have been a great landlord for over 20 years I even reduced her rent to help her out and gave her back some of her deposit. I have fixed everything that needed doing. I have never had a complaint from any tenant in the past. The property has a no smoking tenancy which she signed and agreed to. I sent her a letter today confirming why I too the action I did as I was concerned both for her safety and the property. The flat is in a block of 15 and some of the flats have children and I was concerned that a fire might happen. Also the property was overloaded with stuff that actually blocked the front door I was able to go in via the patio door. If I receive a letter from a solicitor what action should I take.

first of all I doubt that the agreement with her allowed her to sublet which means give the tenancy to someone else and secondly if your agreement with her says No Smoking that applies to the person in there now too.

You can get possession of this property so your tenant cannot afford to be so casual about it and you will not get a solicitor's letter. You can send her one

Best regards


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