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I recently got married in india. I am a British citizen and

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Hi I recently got married in india. I am a British citizen and my husband is not. I wanted to sponsor my husband to the UK. I have read on the Internet in order to sponsor a spouse your income should be £18600.Now what the problem is my income is £15300 therefore I lack £3300.Can you please tell me what are the different alternatives to sponsor my husband. Is there any other way?I've also heard that if you show the savings of £25000 you can sponsor your spouse is that true?Can you please tell me the different ways I could sponsor my husband as soon as possible.Thank you

Thank you for your query.

The Immigration rules, called Appendix FM, states clearly that you must have an income of £18,600 gross.

The Immigration rules also state that if you have £65.000 cash savings, then you can rely on this.

In your case, you earn £15,300 and so have a shortfall. If you have savings, you can combine that with your income. There is calculation for this, and I draw your attention to pages 46 and 47 of the following guidance:

You other option is the Surinder Singh route and more information can be found here:

This route means that you have to live in a European country and work there. In this route, you do not need to meet the financial requirement of £18,600.

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