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I own a static caravan at the seaside and being as my ex

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I own a static caravan at the seaside and being as my ex partner paid for some alterations to it I placed her on the accounts on the understanding that should anything happen to me it would be hers She then wanted her money back so I refunded her £3000 but told her I would remove her name Unfortunately I didn't get round to doing it I contacted the site asking them to remove her name but they require a letter and a signed photo ID from her stating that she wants this to be done My ex partner has refused to comply with that request How do I stand and what should I do

Do you have anything about what was agreed, in writing?

When did she let you have the money and when was she paid back and do you have a bank statement showing that?

Why has she refused? Just to be awkward? Please confirm that she is not living in the caravan.

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
No there's nothing in writing I placed her name on the account in November and refunded her the money in December I have a £3000 amount on my bank statement No she is not living in the van
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
totally to be awkward Last time she moved out I had to have all my locks changed as she wouldn't return my house keys

Thank you. She is likely to take more notice of a letter from a solicitor threatening a court application if she doesn’t sign the necessary document.

There was an agreement that she would lend you the £3000 and in return you would put her name on the caravan.

However she is now giving you the £3000 back and you’re entitled to have her name removed.

I would write to her (don’t do it by text or telephone) and tell her exactly what you have been told and that if she will not sign the necessary documents you will have no alternative but to instruct solicitors to take her to court for a court order and if she still refuses to sign the necessary papers, you will ask the court to sign them in her place and you will ask the court in any event to award the solicitors and court costs against her.

With regard to the change of locks, would be entitled to recover the cost of the lock change from her.

Can I clarify anything for you?

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I can still clarify things for you.

Best wishes.


Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Thank you very much for your help I will take your advice and write to her Regards Keith

It was a pleasure to assist you with this. Best wishes. Please don’t forget to rate positive.

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