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My next door replaced her fence that runs up the side of my

Customer Question

hi there, my next door replaced her fence that runs up the side of my driveway approx. 8 years ago at the time I had a lot of problems with her builders.
1. parking on my drive [2 vans] and unloading building materials e.g rubble stones etc, never did she ask [sue berry] or builders ask me if I minded. never put a note in letterbox.
3.wake up one morning a 6ft x 1ft deep concrete that the old fence panel sits on, was outside my back door I could have had a nasty accident ,asked to remove it at once and builder replied that's your concrete,[ how]????? when they were doing next door [sue berrys] fence?
4.when the builders left ,I asked sue to come around my garden and look at the fence,i asked sue berry for the builders telephone number,she said she would try and get it for me?? the fence looks great her side but a real mess my side, I explained about the builders ,parking on the drive she said that she didn't give them permission,but replied ok can I ? I replied no{sue berry said oh ok then.
5.i had two wooden sheds in my garden a few years ago, i decided to remove the sheds and found hidden behind was concrete the builders left and just put the new fence in front moving the boundry line.
that is now clear why I never seen a skip, they just left in in my garden.
6.if you are a good person, I would have said to the builders you cannot leave that it looking a mess, its not fair, on my next door get a skip and break the concrete up and remove it,
7.when I showed sue berry ,she went quite and only replied oh ok then or oh yes or oh ok
8.i takes me years to save to get jobs done, I really not happy that I should pay for some one elses rubbish.
9. I decided last week that I would try again with sue berry, I asked if she would again look at the concrete left in the garden, which she did and replied why didn't you show me years ago ????? I replied I did I show you and told you it looks a mess this side, it runs from the back of the garden to the side of my garage.approx 14 of 6 ft panels, so you can see just how much concrete there is to remove.its like a 4/5 inches [curb] running down garden.
10. also 2ft old wooden post by my garage that's been cut off and left, sue berry thinks it looks ok?????? plus the wall around her garden that runs up the side of my drive has fallen over onto her grass,she just mows her lawn never looks at it and had a skip on her driveway last week never put the loose bricks in .
11.i spoke to her ex husband on Monday this week ,asked if sue had spoken to him and if they had the name of the company that did the fence,he didn't now what I was talking about, so yet again I explained he didn't think the concrete was sues berrys?????
12. then dave berry ex husband said if its sues boundry line they don't have to remove it and no one can make them,
if I decided to sell my property in the near future I'm sure it would put off buyers!!!!!!!!!.
13.i said I would have to get legal advice about it ,he wasn't happy and then replied how long has your gate been there because you are over the boundry line then if that's in case, by 1/4 / to half an inch, I replied I will move it back by half inch this weekend how petty can you get.
I'ts a real eye sore concrete and he worried about half inch of wood.
you cannot get through to sue because she just stands there acting it like talking to concrete post.
I have lived at my home for 30 years and helped them used my lawn mower because dave berry tried cut the grass with kitchen scissors,and I just couldnt watch he so I let him use my mower until they got one.
I HAVE put up with loads of cars parked outside my house because of all parties they had and the noise. couldn't get on my drive due to a visiter of nextdoor blocked by a car . ,asked if they could remove the car ,I sat on the partly my drive /and partly on the road for 40 mins again asked will they remove the car after 10 mins a woman did move her car.
I don't want anymore stress but I told dave berry would you like this it if the tables were turned?.no answer was given.
he made it clear that the concrete would stay if they don't want to remove it and looks ok with them.
I do have photos taken because its hard to explain the mess.
I DID SAY I WOULD DIG OUT THE CONCRETE IF THEY [SUE BERRY] HELP PAYING FOR THE SKIPS AT £120 A TIME MAY NEED 2,but now why should I have all the hard work and she wont get her nails dirty.
it would take me months to dig them all out, and would have to pay for my path to be dig up, more cost to me because the job wasn't been right in the first place.
hope you can advice me what to do many thanks. mrs Debbie rangeley
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Law
Expert:  Ash replied 1 year ago.

Hello my name is ***** ***** I will help you with this.

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