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We have bought a kitchen from Wren Kitchens. The worktop has

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We have bought a kitchen from Wren Kitchens. The worktop has arrived in more pieces than expected and would need extra cutting to complete. Wren say that they only have set sizes and these are in small print. Despite several visits to their showroom and meeting with their designer this was never mentioned. Everything else was discussed in detail and indeed we had three different plans before the final one. They are refunding the cost of the worktops. We however are now stuck with kithen fitters who cannot proceed.
Storage of the work tops. A search to find and purchase alternative and the fitting of it. The extended disruption and mess. Plus of course my distraught fiancé. Can we get any recompense for this.
Thank you

No, in short.

You have a claim for the sum that you paid but they are not disputing that.

If you had to pay extra for the same kitchen then you could argue maybe that you would have a claim for the difference although it is not the best point.

Disruption is not a head of compensation in law.

Neither is distress. Also, you are not responsible for her distress. You are having to put up with the same issues as she is and you are managing your distress.

I suppose, in academic law, there would be a claim for things like phone calls although in practical law it is never a sum worthy of a claim.

This is always presuming they are in breach of an undertaking to complete your kitchen to the specification required. It sounds as though they dispute that but are settling in the interests of good business.

If you complain then they might offer a small amount in compensation though.

It is more than they have a duty to do but often complaining works.

Sorry but I can only give you truthful information.

Can I clarify anything for you?


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