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I need some advice regarding a garage that has had 4 of my

Customer Question

I need some advice regarding a garage that has had 4 of my vehicles for over 18 months,the owner of the garage carried out a lot of work on my vehicles,orsaid,and I have paid him over £7000 in cash.last april,I had a heart attack,and the garage owner said he could sell all my vehicles for me,and obtain a better price than I would be able to get myself,then he phoned my wife and told her I was being unrealistic in the prices I wanted for them,so my wife said to him,if that is the case,simply put them on ebay,or advertise them in the auti trader,this was in april wife has asked him repeatedly,why he hasn't yet sold them,and each time he has fobbed her off,saying this that and the other needed doing to them,the last thing he said needed doing was a new water pump was needed on my Renault traffic,why I don't know because we had covered over 4000 miles in 5 months and never once had it over heated or wanted any water putting in thecar because it hadn't used any,it was just the same level as when I checked it before we went to cornwall,also in November 2014 he took my classic jaguar,I gave him £1000 to cover the work he said needed doing,and extensive welding needed doing,yet when I took it for its MOT it passed with no advisories,he then asked for another £1000,I told him I wanted the car back for my birthday in april 2015,it never came back,then he said something else was wrong with it,and he had to put £20 worth of petrol in it,which was crazy,as I had filled the car up,3days before he took it and I had only bee to Boston and back,which was only 68 miles,and it was registering over3/4 full, and there was no way it could have used £84.00 of petrol,also before he took the jaguar,he fitted a brand new heavy duty battery,on my driveway,yet he told my wife he had carried out further extensive work and yet more welding,and I owed him a further £775.00, this was on top of the £ 7420 I had already paid him
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Law
Expert:  Jo C. replied 1 year ago.

How can i help with this please?

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
I want to know where I stand,as each vehicle was taxed ,tested,and insured for a year when he took them,also each vehicle will have depreciated in value whilst hes had them,he told my wife they were only worth£1000 each,yet he has charged me over £7000 for work he says he has carried out,the vehicleswere in good condition and I did ask him to remove the semi_automatic gearbox conversion on the ford transit,obviouslyI would not have spent over £7000 on them if they were only going to be worth £4000.what can I do? toget my money back,and my vehicles back
Expert:  Jo C. replied 1 year ago.

Do you have any evidence he has not done the work?