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I was given a six months old dog at the local park after

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I was given a young six months old dog at the local park after meeting the woman and dog twice, We got talking, I had recently had my dog put to sleep though still had another dog at home.She said the dog did not get on with her children and was "possessive" with his toys, her disabled son couldnt cope with the dog and she had to rehome him. In fact he had issues with growling and resource guarding, serious behavioural issues, which she didnt make clear. After a few weeks when she visited me to check on the dog I witnessed her son provoke him to growl and when I left the room the dog stress weed on the floor. She originally asked if she could keep in touch and be an occasional dogwalker, I said yes initally, not realising or having been told of his aggression issues or seen the sons behaviour. After six months of training and working hard with him he is much improved and a pleasure. However, the previous owner wants access to him as in once a month walks with him alone and extra in school holidays, I have let her walk with me and the dog on three occasions but she insists she wants to walk without me. She is accusing me of going back on the "agreement", I must admit I thought she would not want to keep seeing the dog after all this time, she only had the dog four months herself, I have had him for over six now. At the time I offered to pay for him but she refused saying she just wanted a good home for him, she signed the microchip paperwork transferring him to me but I have no other proof of transfer of ownership, I have vets bills though, and his original vaccination papers as well as written details from her of his food, habits etc when he first came to us. I have had him neutered, taken him to training and believe he has a better home with us , her 9 yr old son admitted he hit him which is probably why the dog growled at him in particular. I would like to know if she has any legal rights to him either to reclaim him or demand access. What is my position legally? I would be grateful for any advice and information, thank you very much. Gill Bracey

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Customer: replied 1 year ago.
I would like to know if the previous owner has any legal claim to the dog, or any rights to visit him. Also, as I didnt pay any money for him but have a letter from her saying she was giving him to me, have paid vets bills, had him neutered and microchip details changed am I legally his owner? Concerned in case she wants him back.

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Customer: replied 1 year ago.


In summary she has very little rights. She can only 'occasionally' and this can be with you present, unless it was agreed otherwise.

Just because no money changed hands does not mean there is not a valid contract - there is,

You have paid for vets bills etc and had to deal with an aggressive dog.

I hope this helps.