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My mother has died in 2014 leaving my brother and I the

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My mother has died in 2014 leaving my brother and I the family home, we noticed that the property was showing signs of cracking on internal walls. The property is covered by the Prudential for subsidence and drains,as I am the executor for her will I made a claim. The company sent and assessor who stated that there has been movement and submitted a report ruling out subsidence. We have employed a structural engineer who confirms ongoing subsidence, I went back to the Prudential and they sent a second assessor from the same firm, he verbally stated to our structural engineer who was on site, that the first floor bedroom had a 10mm slope, and had felt that the Prudential would review their decision, his report supported the initial assessor's report. I have been told that a line and level survey should have been carried out on the initial visit. The prudential reported back to me that although the subsidence claim had been rejected, the policy did cover the drains.
I sent a strongly worded complaint to the Prudential explaining my dissatisfaction, which they have responded to. In their reply they offered an independent assessor, his report would be binding on both parties. and sign a document to this effect. I believe that this would remove my statutory right to take the matter to the Insurance Ombudsman. Our structural engineer Brian Willis and partners of Bournemouth is at a loss as to why this matter has not been resolved.
Advice please, is this disclaimer part of the process or is it part of a way that the Prudential is trying to avoid their responsibility under the house policy.

Hello my name is ***** ***** I will help you with this.

Have you had your own surveyor to look at this and what did he say about it please?

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Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Ash, All our communications with the Prudential have been discussed with Brian Willis, The latest letter I passed to Brian last Thursday, he intends to digessed it over the weekend and rough out a reply.

Ok - let me know when would be good to call.