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I used to work for insurance broker,people bought the

Customer Question

I used to work for insurance broker,people bought the policies for life and income protection.they paid for couple of months and than cancel it,company asked for claw back of about 8800£.for which I asked them to send me the statement so that can see who is still pay or not,which I never received from them,4 ppl are still paying.but company is now putting fraud allegation against me about fraud.that I made these applications.i tried to find those customer couldn't find all of them just about 7 ppl.who took it and happy to say yes we took it and cancel it with our change of circumstances.i didn't plead guilty in magister rate court.i did plead guilty in crown court with plea on basis and had Newton hearing. On Newton hearing date I took 5 clients with me to court,when other party (prosecutor and victim) saw that I have 5 ppl with me for evidence they said they are happy to bring money to 5005£ from 8800£.so we didn't go for full Newton hearing but judge was very angry that it's abuse of position and there was another person which was involved in the fraud where is he,in fact my brother is not co defender in my case,he is not even interviewed or charged by police but police put my brother as a co defendent in my case.even he is not on this country.he had to leave the country coz of his immigration problem before I got now I have sentence hearing,what should I expect in sentence I have got small kids.thanks
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Law
Expert:  F E Smith replied 1 year ago.

How many counts of fraud have you admitted to and how much money is involved?

What period of time was this over?

Do you have any previous convictions?

Did you plead guilty to some of the charges?