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I am an American citizen who is the target of perpetual

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I am an American citizen who is the target of perpetual stalking and harassment from an English national who is also a (informal) vexatious litigant. I want to start a business out of the United Kingdom, but am afraid of frivolous legal drama coming from this person.
I have very, very limited capital (none) and can barely afford the expenses of establishing an LTD for the Internet company I want to build. What can I do to seek very specific legal help to protect my business when I do not have any money to hire a personal solicitor in the UK?

Hello my name is ***** ***** I will help you.

How will starting a business mean this person will issue proceedings?

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
I run an Internet forum called the "Kiwi Farms". It is an open, online discussion board that allows criticism and ridicule of people and communities on the Internet. It's a real-time soap opera, kind of like if The Sun / Daily Mail were a community instead of a tabloid. The main point of the site is to have a laugh and most people there are good at heart. It is not criminal in any way in either the US or the EU.One of the people who caught the forum's attention, Samuel Collingwood Smith, is a one-time McKenzie Friend in the United Kingdom who has studied law extensively but is unable to become a proper Solicitor because (I assume) of his history in aggressive stalking, defamation, and harassment. He has spent the last 6 months harassing my website's hosts, republishing written pornography about me and my mother to poison her Google results, and directly contacting distant members of my family to call me a "paedophile" and claim that I actively distribute child pornography (I don't). Because I am an American citizen, I have no rights in the UK and no money to launch international litigation, which leaves him free reign to attack me however he wants.His successes in his harassment have caused us to move hosts four times, has caused us to lose our domain one time, and has caused PayPal to stop accepting donations and kick me off their service entirely. I dream of making this business, a crowdfunding style website similar to Patreon for proponents of free press and expression. But, I know that this person will do these same things (even though my new business will be a separate legal entity from the Kiwi Farms and would not directly content anyone could find offensive) because it would disrupt my life in some way.He will attempt to have our payment processor stop accepting donations, he will complain to our domain registrar have our domain revoked, our hosts to have our servers shut down, our virtual office to axe my address in London, etc. He will call me a "paedophile" and convince business partners that I am a dangerous person to do business with and not worth the risk. However, because my business is now going to be both for-profit and in the United Kingdom (in order to work with EU financial entities), both his ability to launch attacks and my ability to defend my business are greatly elevated since they are in the same jurisdiction.With a near-zero dollar budget, what can I do and who can I contact to defend myself and my startup in England as it relates to this company? He *will* do these things hurt my business and hurt my income potential; it is his entire life right now and has not shown any signs of stopping for almost a year.

Indeed. Have you tried to take any steps in the UK against this person?

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
No, because it would be too expensive and as an American if I sue him and lose I have to pay his fees. My question is specifically what I can do with zero budget to dissuade him. Are there solicitors who act pro bono in situations like this? Is there anything I can do?

Ok, whilst you are over there then sadly no.

But when you are in the UK you can get a Court order to stop this harassment.

You would need to complete forms N208:

And N16a:

You would be asking for a Court order that he does not contact you direct or indirectly except through a Solicitor.

If you are not coming to the UK you can try the Bar Pro Bono:

Can I clarify anything for you about this today please?

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