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Our family have very difficult situation. I'll try to

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Our family have very difficult situation. I'll try to explain in few words .
My partner been working with one man .. they work long time together . That man don't know how , but asked my partner to be guarantor for him to take loan . My partner believe him and gave him personal details . That man too loan on my partners name . my partner find out after he resave first letter from loan company . then my partner call to loan company asked why his name is ***** ***** who took and guarantors name he never seen .
happed like the man took loan on my partners name online with the guarantor witch my partner don't know .
My partner tried sort that problem his self . try to cancelled, but was to late . money been send to guarantor . the man ask my partner calm down .he will pay money each month and he gave to my partner first month payment .. after that man said he not well .. and don't have money for now .My partner believe. well that what happened I find out only few weeks ago . the problem is my partner was paying money for 18 month . he was afraid to tell everyone in the house what happened. HE scared to not pay .. he wasn't sure what's will happens.
After I find out I started to talk with him . Asked questions . then he start to talk ... I get some information's from internet ... and decide to not pay anymore and call to police , to loan company to tell true what's happened . I found guarantor on Facebook, after few question she blocked me .
Please tell me anything we can do ? ??

So, in short, your partner is liable as the guarantor?

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
No isn't his name like borrow , guarantor its a girl . like man said she is his gf , but just latter find out she wasn't .. she just friend

I'm not sure I understand?

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
I explained everything .
its a loan on my partners name . with guarantor . witch we don't know . the guarantor. my partner been paying for loan 18 month .now we stop , because isn't my partner fault is the man done it on my partners name .
we don't want pay loan anymore , we want the man take responsibility for it

I'm afraid that isn't possible.

If the loan is in his name then he is liable. If he stops paying then he is at risk of being sued and them using bailiffs to enforce if need be.

You can't just opt out of liability I'm afraid.

If the loan is in his name then he is liable.

The fact that he has taken it for another person is no defence.

He could counter claim against that person although it is difficult to ascertain the circumstances of that agreement here.

Can I clarify anything for you?


Customer: replied 1 year ago.
yeah , but my partner not take loan .. LOAN been taking for him , on his name ..
the man did it .. the man done online it .. the man had my partners personal details and done it .
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Yeah , I understand that is complicated , but with no fight I not gonna give up . Our family money, My kids money .
I will pay to lawyer but , I want put things right , and the people take responsibility what they done . they fraid my partner also my family :(
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
At least we try ... In amigo loan says a lots that guarantor taking a lots responsibility. Probably will be like this ..

But isn't the problem that he has been paying the loan?

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Customer: replied 1 year ago.
That's the problem. That my partner was paying so long , probably still be playing, he was to scared to tell everything,
Till I not find out,
The man who did it , was keep telling him over and over stories,,,
Anyway, loan been taking by different person , with wrong details, no ding papers , guarantor my partner don't know . How can be taken loans if no one person don't know each other? How u can guarantor for somebody witch u don't know.
Money also received guarantor.
Well to many questions,
I not afraid if we all will meet in court.
I know that we don't nothing wrong only problem paying money each month,Thank you for your answer and time