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11 years ago man name (a farmer)asked me to move with him

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11 years ago man name David (a farmer)asked me to move with him "to leave together for a few month and get marred".
I moved to his delapidated and very run down property. He take me that he doesn't have money to sort it out. So in the first year I cleared lots of rubbish at his house and farm as the state of the property was simply unliveable, one of the rooms had no floor.
I repainted all the rooms, restored the furniture, was found cooking, cleaning, gardening and comforting this man in every way, as he also complained on poor health.
Year later, when I reminded about his marriage proposal, he said that now he decided to make refurbishment for holiday lettings, after that he will make decision. He employed team of builders and we was leaving in the building side for about next 3-4years. During this time I was fully involved with building projects, landscaping, designing interiors/exteriors, choosing most practical materials, plants, painting, decorating,mixing cement, spend some of my own money for materials and plants, etc...
In the mean time cooking, cleaning, including after builders.
When building works was finished and place (2houses was ready for lettings)I asked the same question about marriage again.
David told me that now he would like to see "how we will get on with holiday letting business."
I took on advertising, management, maintenance, cleaning, laundry, gardening.
With great difficulties he agreed to pay 50%of income.
Business proved to be successful and I have many exellent reviews.
2 years ago David decided to invest to another property near by.
I helped with advise, to negotiate the best deal. When it was perched on mortgage on Davids name( despite my offer for joint), I helped fiscally with refurbishment, removed lots of rubbish, stripped all the wall paper, carpets, done painting.Made house and outside liveable.
I asked the question about marriage again and the answer is he is "not ready".
I am on the point of giving up, filling exploited, working full time as a house keeper, builder, cleaner all for less then £5000 per year( from HOLIDAYLETTING)cook and sexually exploited women.
Do I have any rights?

I'm not sure what you are asking?

You cannot force him to marry you if he refuses.

As you are not married you would not have a claim upon his assets save for that which has been agreed.

That doesn't seem to be anything to do with your relationship. He seems to have agree to pay you 50% of his income for the work that has been done.

That would continue for as long as your contribution continues.

You can obviously withdraw you contribution and co-operation. That is your right. You would have a claim on his income though thereafter.

It would be different if you had invested money. Then there would be an argument that you would have a claim.

That didn't happen here for whatever reason.

The fact that your relationship is not as you wish it to be does not give you a claim for money I'm afraid.

Equally though he has no claim upon you financially either.

Can I clarify anything for you?


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