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I have recently been in contact with one of my two daughters

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Good morning, I have recently been in contact with one of my two daughters who I have not seen for 15 years. I saw my 15 year old last weekend for the first time... she was down visiting her half sister in Cornwall and asked if my wife and I could go and meet her.. so we drove 250 miles and the meeting was brilliant. My problem is she told me that her mother controls her to the point she can't take any more she also needs to see a GP about a lady problem but her mum won't go with her... the reason my children didn't see me as their mother poisoned them with false accusations from a very young age. She moved many times around the country to avoid my solicitors letters at one stage she even moved to Ireland. Now my question is my daughter wants to live with us (i have 2 step children and one of our own) she doesn't want to tell her mum as she will be verbally abused and bullied (i know what she is like) all that has been said to me has been backed up buy two of her half sisters... so my daughter wants my wife and i to drive 300 miles north and pick her up from school and bring her back home. Now I have asked is she 100% sure and she is adamant she is... she is 16 in December. If I was to pick her up and notified social services and the police straight away due to concerned for welfare for my daughter will I be legal in what I am doing... there are no court judgements as I said I couldn't find her to get her to sign solicitors letters so she had the children without any agreement.
Thank you for your time I'm sorry it's so brief but I really don't know what to do
Kind regards

Hi, thank you for your question. Given that you have not had contact with her for 15 years and her mother has been her primary carer, destabilising this arrangement would be a major step and you should consider your legal options.

The child has raised some concerns and she is due to turn 16 in December. If you were to pursue a court application any child arrangement order will end at 16 and it will be for your daughter to decide where she lives after that.

If your daughter wishes to live with you now it will also be her decision given her age, however, as her mother has been her main carer you will need to inform her of the change of arrangements despite your assertion that she will be verbally abused and bullied - I would suggest that you inform her formally in writing about your daughter's views and the proposed change of arrangements.

I hope this assists you. If you found this information helpful please provide a positive rating using the stars at the top of this page. I will not be credited for your question without a positive rating. Thank you.

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