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I was given a ccj fine in 2014, i did not attend the

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I was given a ccj fine in 2014, i did not attend the hearings as i had a breakdown from the stress. They were sending letters to my old address even though i told them of my situation and new address. tomorrow i have a court hearing to request the sale of my house to pay the debt which i have only just found out about. i want to see a solicitor to help me but its to late. its at county court. can i ask for a duty solicitor or just ask for the case to be adjurned to another date. will they given me another date or will they just say tough we are dealing with this today as you are here even though i have not spoken to anyone for legal advice.

How did you find out about it, when did you find out about it and what do you want to do about it??


Customer: replied 1 year ago.
i found out about it this weekend when i moved back to the house. i found a court letter and also one from the solicitor. in 2014 they awarded my ex tenant 13,000. then in 2015 they got a final award of another 17,000 im not sure what the second amount is for as i never got any paperwork. i wrote to the solicitor saying i had just found out about this and i could pay 500 today and then 300 every month. i have just over 600 left from the rent after the mortgage is paid. they emailed to say its not enough. they are proceeding with the application. i dont want to loose the house.
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
mentally im still not very strong and i feel quite stressed by this. the solicitor was very intimidating the first time around which caused me to self harm and have panic attacks.
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
this final sum was around 34 thousand. all because a woman on housing benefit decided not to pay her rent and i tried to evict her with section 8. she came up with all sorts of stories and i couldnt handle it. after a year of fighting it i got her out under a section 21 and she went but the case continues.

The court will allow you to pay a judgment in instalments. The amount will be fixed by the court so the fact the solicitor on the other side thinks it is not enough is pretty irrelevant but you will need to attend court. Take proof of income and outgoings with you as far as is possible

The Protection from Eviction Act carries very heavy penalties. I am not surprised by the amount of the financial judgment.

Best regards


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Customer: replied 1 year ago.
thank you