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I would like to ask if I could hire a lawyer for the

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I would like to ask if I could hire a lawyer for the following situation.
When I moved to the UK a friend helped me get a phone under her name. When I moved out, the contract rolled on beyond 12 months and it was not correctly recorded that it was due to stop and therefore I was not aware I need to make payments and defaulted on this.
This now appears on her, not my credit rating. Is there a way to move it to mine?
How would we go about this and how much would this cost?
Thank you.

I’m afraid that the news is not good. The contract is in her name and she didn’t pay it. If she was relying on you to give her the money or to pay it, then it is a matter between you and her.

I’m sorry to tell you that even a court application to remove the incorrect rating and transfer it to you is unlikely to succeed. Sorry.

Can I clarify anything for you?

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Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Hi FES,Thanks for your reply. So even if we tried via a lawyer this is nearly impossible to prove?Would it be better to go to the Ombudsman to complain about Vodafone not properly recording that I cancelled the phone? We wrote a formal complaint to Vodafone. I repeatedly called and that should have all been done.Is it helpful to write her a letter she could show whenever she needs her credit rating verified to prove that it's actually mine not hers or would that not be helpful to any extent?Thank you.Regards,

You can of course complain to the ombudsman but you would only have a complaint that would be upheld if you had actually cancelled it or told them that you didn’t want it to roll over at the end of the period.

Telephone contracts normally rollover because people forget to renew the what they don’t want is for their telephone service to cease suddenly after 12 months months.

Solicitors will not have any more luck in getting this reference moved from your friends account to yours, than you will.

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Thank you.Lastly, do you think it would be useful to produce a document confirming the story which she could carry with her and present when applying for credit or that wont help?

It’s unlikely that having a document confirming the circumstances or even an explanation on the application form is going to make much difference but it’s essential that she does give those circumstances.

Please rate the service positive. Best wishes.

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