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A personal situation. who I have had a relationship with for

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A personal situation. Keith who I have had a relationship with for six years, he finished it in an underhand way. He is now telling lies about me to his family and other residents in his retirement home. Would need to go into more detail with you but I need to stop him doing this. Possibly just a letter would frighten him. The other residents do not know the true y and some of them have turned against me. Without getting too embroiled in a legal situation, although I would be prepared to do so, is there any advice please. Thank you in anticipation. prue

What would you like to know about this?

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
I would like a warning letter to go to him mainly to frighten him a little. He is well liked at the home and the residents think the sun shines out of him. He is worried about his reputation
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Of course a relationship of 6 years means a lot has gone on and too much to write about but sadly he has always been devious and a liar. Once his daughter told me he was an addictive liar and that was why she did not,speak to,him
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
That's the gist of it all in very shortened version

We can’t send that kind of letter from you but we can advise you what you should do and what will ultimately happen.

The letter is going to be better coming from a local solicitor who, if this proceeds any further, you would be able to sit down with and take detailed instructions.

A solicitor will probably charge about £100 for opening the file and just sending that initial letter because of the amount of paperwork involved in opening a file.

It is imperative the you don’t write to him any more or text him or phone him or have any contact whatsoever otherwise he will start to allege even more that you are harassing him and he may go to the police. Avoid that.

This is defamation (slander is spoken, libel is written) and the solicitors letter should threaten an application to court for an injunction to stop him contacting you or making any further allegations or mentioning you in any way whatsoever and would ask the court to award damages/compensation against him in your favour and would also include an application for court and solicitors costs.

If this were to go to court, you would certainly be into a couple of thousand pounds. If he decided to defend the action those costs could rise considerably and if you lost for any reason, you would have to pay his legal costs plus your own which could be running into £10,000 or even more

Hopefully, the initial warning letter will have the desired effect

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