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It seems my computer is been hacked, I am getting friends &

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It seems my computer is been hacked, I am getting friends & family asking what I have sent them which ask personal details when I have not sent them anything.
I tried to upgrade my system, but it seems someone also has all my contact details including my work place, as I received email at work from my home computer.
how do I stop this.

Do you have a legal question about this or is it a computer problem?

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Issue is my personal information PLUS, contact details of my family & friends have been seen by unknown person, who is obviously, using to email person unknown to me. Is there no law to prevent to stop hackers & persons using someone else's identity. this is identity fraud. How can this be stopped.avantika

Yes, there is legislation to stop this. It is called the Computer Misuse Act. However, whilst there is legislation to stop it, people break the law all the time and these hackers are doing exactly that.

By all means report it to the Police and to Action Fraud but they have millions of these cases to deal with.

Meanwhile, change your passwords to something which is complicated and contains: punctuation, letters, numbers and uppercase letters and lowercase letters.

There are various programs which will also go a long preventing this

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Thank youavantika

I am pleased to assist

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