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My brother died in May and I am assuming that he has made a

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My brother died in May and I am assuming that he has made a will, however I have tried to contact the probate office and his landlord but have not received any communication from them. I also assume that he has left everything to his landlord. If this is the case, how can I find out? I would also like to know if I have any right to my mother's jewellery and my father's books.
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1. Dear *****, you need to re-contact the Probate District Registry in Leeds and see if a will has been admitted to probate in respect of your brother. That is the place where all wills in relation to deceased persons are registered if probate is being taken out in relation to the estate. Be aware, however, that only four months have gone bye since May so the will may not have been admitted to probate yet. So you may need to check back in a year's time to see if a will has been admitted to probate. Be aware that you can get a copy of the will from the Probate Office if the will has been admitted to probate.

2. Otherwise, if there is no will, or a will has not been found, you need to search the personal effects of your brother to see if he left a will. you should also speak to other members of your family and see what is the situation. I very much doubt your brother left his estate to his landlord. They would have to have a very close relationship for this to happen.

3. Finally, be aware that there is no central registry of wills where the will might be, if it hasn't been admitted to probate. You will need to conduct a search of any solicitor your brother might have dealt with to see if they hold a will for him. However, absent a search, you cannot know if your brother left a will.

4. Be aware additionally, that you will be entitled to inherit part of your brother's estate if he died intestate as you are one of the next of kin. However, you will need a Grant of Probate from either will or from an intestacy in order that you may claim your mother's jewellery and your father's books.

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