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Buachaill, Barrister
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I have been having trouble with the eu business register

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I have been having trouble with the eu business register (scam) they have now sent a letter saying they will take my company to court they are based in the Netherlands I have looked them up and hundreds of companys all over have been scammed by this company I have been advised not to pay them a penny please advise thank you mr d uphill

1. You need to give the claims for a debt here the deaf ear. They can make whatever threats or claims for bringing legal proceedings. However, you need to do the hardest thing of all - which is to do nothing. Simply ignore any claims for money and ignore any legal threats. Ultimately, they will not sue you, as they are a scam. They function by provoking fear in their victims and bringing pressure to bear to get them to pay. So, give them the deaf ear!

2. If they bring legal proceedings, then you can defend them on the basis they are a scam. However, it will not come to this. This crowd will disappear in the way they have scammed the other people they got money from. Be aware that it constitutes harassment to demand a debt which is not fully due. Harassment is both a civil and criminal wrong. So you can report this group to the police if they get bothersome. So, be aware of your rights.

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