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Customer: My grandma passed away recently and my family are at loggerheads, but I was wondering how I find out if I was a beneficiary as my grandma (my mum's mother) always said her grandchildren would get half the will between us as our mother passed away
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
My grandma had two children - my mother, now deceased, and my aunt who is the Executor of the will. My aunt and I are not on speaking terms and she also had power of attorney. My grandma had no property but had around £200k in the bank. Does probate need to be granted for this case? If I was in the will would it be possible for my Aunt to keep the money?

1. Here, you need to convince your aunt, who is executor of the will, to have a reading of the will. Be aware that there is no legal requirement to hold a reading of the will. However, it is the usual course of events when someone dies. However, if your bad relations with your aunt means there is no reading of the will, then you will have to wait until the will is admitted to probate. Once a will is admitted to probate, it becomes a public document and everyone can read it and get a copy.

2. Be aware that you can search online for the District Probate Registry in Leeds and if a will has been admitted to probate, order a copy of any will admitted to probate. However, you will have to wait until probate has issued. Be aware that any estate worth 200k will have to be admitted to probate. It makes no difference that there is no property. In order to give good title to any money to a beneficiary, the will must be admitted to probate.

3. Finally, it is not possible for your aunt to keep any money due to you. That would constitute theft and your aunt would get prosecuted for it. So, don't worry unnecessarily. Things will work themselves out over time.

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Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Excellent fast service, it put my mind at rest. Highly recommended. Many thanks

5. You are welcome. Best wishes. Please Accept the answer or Rate the answer.

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