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I applied for my mum to come and live with me in the uk in

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i applied for my mum to come and live with me in the uk in 2014 . i was her sponsor when i put in her application which was denied. she had an apeal that was won in 2016 and she has come to live with me on an indefinite leave to remain in the uk outside of the rules. mum has schizsophrenia and won her case because she can not get propr care in zambia. after i had applied for my mums visa as her sponsor mhy mariage broke down and live with my 2 children. the council pay my rent. will i loose my rent benefits because my mum has come to live with me? :'(

1. DearCustomer where you bring a Dependent Relative to the UK such as your Mum, it is a condition of them coming to the UK that you, their sponsor can support them. This is why your request that they refused her benefits. She is not entitled to them. She is meant to have private health insurance and you are meant to be able to support her.

2. However, you won't lose your benefits because your mother came to live with you. It only affects your Mum. I appreciate your financial position has changed since your Mother came to the UK. However, you can continue to claim benefits. It is only your Mum who is not entitled to benefits.

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Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Thank you very much for your answere . At least it will settle me. I don't mind looking after her I was just worried I'd loose my benefits and my rent .thank you for your answere it was helpful