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Buachaill, Barrister
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Dear Barrister Buachaill I was wondering if you might know

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Dear Barrister Buachaill
I was wondering if you might know the answer to this question
Are there any examples in law of where an order can be made in court between two parties to an action (one plaintiff and one defendant) that might affect other parties without them being of notice of the application.

1. Dear *****, one example of where there can be an order made in court between two parties to an action that might affect other parties without notice of it, would be where a body sue a bank seeking a mareva injunction (freezing order) over monies held tin an account int eh bank. The holder of the account would be affected but so too would anybody owed money by the account holder and who had a good claim to the money. This is why mareva injunctions are often notified to persons even though they aren't a party as it can impact widely.

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Dear Barrister Buachaill
Thank you for your reply. Is a freezing order anyway different than an ordinary order?
I would also like to quote cases that supports my question and your answer from law cases already gone through the High Court, how much more would I have to pay to get these

2. Dear *****, two examples of where an order affected third parties are Murphy v. Attorney General [1980] which held that equal treatment of married couples with single people was mandated by the equality guarantee in the Irish Constitution.

3. The second example is Pine Valley v. Minister for Environment [1992] which held that limitation of land use owing to planning permission refusal gave right to compensation if the restriction interferes with property rights.

4. Finally, a freezing order is only an example of an ordinary order. It is however, handed out in limited instances.

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Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Dear Barrister BuachaillAgain thank you for your answer and its great to be able to have a Barrister like you so close at hand when you want an answer.
Thank you for looking up law cases also for me. I was wondering where it shows different options of using your service more often per month and then been able to cancel it went you want. I,m just concerned if I have other questions to answer is it easy to cancel when you want as you see other things you sign up to are hard to get out of and with money been tight it would be important to know this.please take 20 euros of a bonus from my card to cover law search and I,m fully happy with your answer and take the agreed amount from my card.Looking forward agin to contacting you Barrister BuachaillKind RegardsPat