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I am a British citizen and have been dating a Russian lady

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Hi, I am a British citizen and have been dating a Russian lady in my town for nearly two years. She has has been living and working in the UK for almost 7 years. She has an 11 year old son that has lived here for the same time. She has an entrepreneurial visa right now that expires June 17. She has applied for indefinite leave to remain and has been refused, stating that the paperwork was incorrect. She owns her own business, home (outright) and employs English Nationals in her business.
She contributes to the UK economy.
She has a PHD in Linguistics.
I have a good job as MD of a Multi National group based out of New York.
We are considering marriage, would this help her to receive the Indefinite leave to remain?
Steve ramsay

Thanks for your question. Has your fiancée appealed the decision which from your narrative appears perverse where she has invested so much into the Uk and is providing employment? If not she should. She should also submit a covering application to extend the entrepreneurs visa for a further two years. If you marry her she can apply for a spouse visa and then upgrade that to IDR prior to the spouse visa expiring. That should give her several options. Given the circumstances, however, I would recommend she sees a good immigration lawyer who can sort this nonsensical situation out for her. I hope that helps. Please leave a positive rating so that I am credited for my time.

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