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Please confirm do all police officers have home security

Customer Question

Please confirm do all police officers have home security policing equipment what functions does it serve and can personal information be seen by them and in a private residence who provides authorisation. Who monitors the amount of home policing equipment within the neighbourhood. How do I obtain information of individuals who have cautions near my address and any other complaints submitted to police of residents near my address.
Do police officers hold any other policing equipment within their homes that they have the right to touch the face and body of children, adults and animals. Where would this additional policing equipment be kept at police officer homes or police station. As a family we have endured greyness of hair, grades affected. Has there been any cases that I could refer to pending what symptoms can be caused on body based on my ethnic families I refer to a case that has incorporated the childrens fathers surname in west yorkshire.
Urgency of the above details are required. As resident living near a police station do we have the right and whom to ask about policing equipment in homes, policing equipment that is held at the police station having resided at address length of time. Are there different levels of policing equipment that new and established police officers have in their homes including do retired police officers ever return their home policing equipment.
If driving into another area should you ever have to answer to another police officer.
Based on families enduring the above equipment please could you recommend a solicitor with specialised experience of these cases near Leeds.
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Law
Expert:  Jo C. replied 1 year ago.

What type of policing equipment did you have in mind?