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My fiance is Portuguese. He holds an EU travel card but does

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My fiance is Portuguese. He holds an EU travel card but does not have a UK passport. He has been in England for the best part of 16 yrs (with short periods in Brazil andd Portugal).In the light of Brexit, is he likely to be sent back to Portugal? Than you Chrissie
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
I have been advised that my estimated waiting time is 8 minutes but this has been the case for almost 24hrs. Can you advise when I might hav a response, please.

1. Dear *****sie, the first thing you should rest assured about is that your fiance will not suddenly be sent back to Portugal. This will not happen. However, your fiance will have to regularise his situation in the UK. This he can do you getting a Permanent Residence card and then one year after that, he can apply for UK citizenship based on being in the UK residing here continuously for more than five years. However, he will need to have a Permanent Residence card for one year before he can apply for citizenship.

2. Here is a link to the application form for a Permanent Residence card He will need this for one year to show he has been living visa free int he UK for one year before applying for UK citizenship. Once he has British citizenship he may live in the uK forever.

3. Here is a link on the UK Government website which sets out how to apply for citizenship

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