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I have problem with one person I pay her for help to start

Customer Question

I have problem with one person I pay her for help to start my business I pay her for blog to do she never mention to me that it will be just content with no picture but few week later she said each blog will nee picture and she said I have option either to pay someone to provide picture or do it myself so was agreed that I will do them myself but than realise I pay for blog. I also pay extra for SEO and upload them on my website which is not life yet. I send her three letters. She did not answer on two and third one she did answer to me. Also Phillip my website developer ask her to send the all blogs with everything to his dropbox but she fail to do that this is letter I send her
5th September send her letter by email and by register post which she receive both than I send her another letter on the 13th September by email which was open as use mailjet to sen the email she did not respond to this On 19th send her another register letter and I did get answer but not sure how to answer to her this is copy of her email
Dear Radka
Thank you for your email of 5th September, and most recently of 19 September. I am, regardless of your views to the contrary, very surprised and disappointed to hear that you are now unhappy with the services which I've provided as you had often said during the course of my providing them how happy and grateful you were of our working together. In the event that this is now no longer the case, I note that you intend to instruct a solicitor to deal with this matter on your behalf. I have already sought advice from my own solicitor (who is copied into this e-mail), and despite the view that I would have a strong defence to any claim which you may threaten to make, I'm keen to avoid both of us being dragged into costly and time-consuming litigation when we should both clearly be devoting our time to the running of our respective businesses.
To clarify, all of the blog posts to which you refer are in Dropbox and up-to-date, ready for your use. The blog post price of £200 per blog relates to the production of the content alone, as you have always been aware. No imagery or uploading or adding metatags/description/categories (for SEO purposes) is or has ever been included in the price. This is standard practice when creating content, and to cut down on your costs I recommended that you source the images yourself and offered to upload the blog posts and optimize each post for the flat fee of £750. This work has started - there are currently 16 blog posts uploaded with the images which you have already been able to source. However I have been unable to add anything on the SEO side as your web developer (Phillip) had not added the SEO plugin when I tried to do so. Likewise, as you hadn't sourced the remaining images as agreed I have been unable to upload the remaining blog posts. As this work is incomplete, I am happy to refund you the £750 paid in full and final settlement of this any any other claim which you may threaten against me. This is without any admission of liability and without prejudice save as to costs, meaning that I would be able to refer to having made this offer in the event that you did choose to issue court proceedings against me as you are threatening to do.
With regards ***** ***** website and contact list; if you recall, we discussed that it would be difficult to sell advertising space with no website traffic and that you should first focus on building a content hub and driving traffic to it via paid and free social media marketing activities. We would then (once you had demonstrated interest in the site) try and sell advertising space. Obtaining a contact list takes no time at all - you can either purchase one or hire a VA to do this. This therefore doesn't impact you and you are not "two months behind" as you have stated. Any claim in this regard would be vigorously defended.
At various points, I explained the huge risks in your business. I gave you ample opportunity to not continue but you were adamant at every stage that you wanted to do so, which I will prove in evidence should this matter end up in court. That evidence shows and will show that I have tried my very best and been consistently honest with you, adopting a transparent approach. It is my hope that this offer and attempt to compromise any dispute before it happens will allow us to part on the most amicable terms possible. Failing that, I reserve the right to refer to the contetns of this and all previous correspondence if and when proceedings are issued and matters of costs and case management are addressed by the presiding Judge.
Yours faithfully,
I would like to stated that she didnt mention at beginning that blog will be just content and also that 16 September Philip ask her to send blogs, SEO/meta descriptions etc for each blog post but she fail to do that- not sure how to answer
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Law
Expert:  Jamie-Law replied 1 year ago.

Hello my name is ***** ***** I will help you with this.

What is it you would like to know about this please?