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This question is for Jo C I met with a minor car accident on

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This question is for Jo CHi There,I met with a minor car accident on 19th Sep evening, I was waiting to make a turn near traffic junction but car from behind came and knocked my bumper which resulted in a small paint chip and slight bump in the bumper. He agreed it is his fault and continuously apologized and was trying to go away suspiciously. I took his name and phone number just in case but forgot to take the photos. I have decided not to make claim as damage is minor and also came to know that my renewal premium might go up as well even though it is no-fault claim so not ready to take that risk for a minor repair. I just called my insurer yesterday morning and only notified the incident and told them not to make a claim.I read a couple of horror stories on online forum that people making fraudulent claims in these type of scenario where initially they said sorry and went off and after a few months made fraudulent claims.
( just wanted to make sure it doesn't happens with me, Is there anything I need to do legally to safeguard myself for future fraudulent claims if any? Also came to know that he has not taxed his car from 1st Aug 2016 and his MOT runs out next week (checked via DLVA website), I am not sure was this the reason of his suspicious look or anything else. My Insurer suggested to speak to Police about this(untaxed car) and when I spoke to them, they said it is not required to report to them as there is no damage to anyone or anything but told me to inform my insurer that he doesn't make any future fraudulent claims.So all I am interested is,1. How to make sure no one can make any fraudulent claims in future?2. Any extra steps I need to take other than notifying my insurer?3. In case if I do decide to make a claim, then will my renewal insurance goes up if the claim is settled?4. Who will be better to process my claims? - my insurer directly or a third party claims management company? - I just want to make sure my no claims bonus doesnt affect.Any help appreciated.Thanks,

Sorry for the delay.

1 There is no way of doing that. People can make false allegations of claims and regularly do. All you can do is deal with it afterwards.

2 No. In fact, it is their problem rather than yours. All you have to do is notify.

3 Yes, you could lose your no claims bonus. They will not raise the premium per se but you will lose the reduction.

4 There is no way of doing that. If there is a claim then your bonus would be affected. I suppose the only thing you could do is consider a claim against them if you do lose your no claims bonus.

Can I clarify anything for you?


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Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Hi Jo,Sorry for the delay in getting back, Thanks for your reply.Best Regards,