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I am almost 70 yrs old, and I live in Grenoside, Sheffield.

Customer Question

Dear Sir/Madam,
My name is***** am almost 70 yrs old, and I live in Grenoside, Sheffield. I am really worried about my next door neighbour's actions. My house is detached, and a few years ago, he physically chopped down approx 9 -12 " off my front boundary wall to make his drive-way entrance wider:-) I was really quite upset about this, but my husband didn't want to cause upset, and asked me not to do anything about it, as he didn't want to create neighbour problems :-(
Now...I have recently discovered that he has built 2x 6ft sheds RIGHT UP TO my house outside wall, down the side of my house adjacent to his drive( they have been there quite a while I think, but I had no idea how close they were to my wall until I was informed by a workman, working on my house, because he has built a very high gate across his drive so this fact cannot be seen.) I have been down his drive to see if there was any sign of damp on my wall... and of course there is :-(
From making enquiries, I now realise also that this could be causing damage to my floors, inside my house also through the damp created???
This man has already proven to me that he has a temper that I do not want to deal with.
I wrote him a very polite note recently, asking him not to cut the ivy off my front wall, where he had reduced it to widen his drive, ( Where he has of course put his driveway gate right up to it)and to be satisfied with the fact that he has reduced the wall in the first place. He came storming round to my house, red faced and fuming shaking the note in my face saying... what's this, what's this???
I said it is what it says, please leave my wall , and my ivy alone... be satisfied that you got away with reducing my boundary wall in the first place. ( I say MY, because my husband died 5 years ago, so I am now alone to deal with this man who thinks it is ok to make his home improvements at a cost to others, meaning me of course.)
He tore the note up and threw it in my face, and said... I will cut off that ivy if it is growing near MY drive!!! but it wasn't anyway, it was just growing a single covering down the wall where he had cut the wall off, so it was still on MY property, am I right?? :-(
Now that I have discovered this damp problem on my wall, through his sheds stopping any air flow ( approx 12 feet of them sadly:-) I am nervous about asking him to remove them ASAP... but I HAVE to do something about this. Bare in mind this man is a 'jack of all trades' who's livelihood is doing jobs, inside and out for other people, so I have a strong feeling that he knows this will create problems for me, but simply doesn't care ???
I wonder if there is someone there who can give me an initial free consultation for now, as you do advertise this facility? I am a pensioner, who is now going to be under pressure financially I believe, to get this man to remove the sheds that are going to probably going to create for me an awful problem, and possibly already are doing??
Please please, can someone advise me on the best way forward.
Thanking you in anticipation,
Patricia Ashmore
ps: I look after other people's dogs sometimes, to help to pay the bills, and as I was walking away from him, he ( Mr Marshall) shouted after me... well... I'm going to report you for dogs barking then!! which he did the day after. I am not at all worried about this, as I have asked all my other neighbours if they are any trouble to them and every one said, not at all...except my neighbour next door on the other side who says they sometimes bark when she goes to her dust bin right next to my gate, but it's no bother to her. The relevant man ( Shaun Bell) from Sheffield City Council was recently doing his rounds before license renewal time for dog carers, he said it was nothing to do with my neighbours reporting me, and I know he visited a friend just before me too, who does what I do, looking after dogs:-) He sat with me for an hour and did say, I have been here an hour and not heard any barking, so will actually put this in my report .
Thank you for your kind attention.
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Law
Expert:  Jamie-Law replied 1 year ago.

Hello my name is ***** ***** I will help you with this.
Have you had a surveyors report done yet please?