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My husband was involved in dispute with his brother over his

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My husband was involved in dispute with his brother over his brother's neglect of his elderly parents, one of whom as dementia and the other alzheimer's. The situation became heated and there was a minor fight between the men. When my husband's sister in law accused me ( not present) falsely of having affairs and refusing to leave when requested to by his parents, my husband, they now say, threatened to push her through a glass door. The situation did calm down and a normal discussion between the brothers and sister in law then took place for ten minutes. But 4 weeks later, the brother and sister in law have contacted the police and a couple of police arrived last friday. My husband was not at home but spoke to the officers who reassured him that their was nothing to worry about. Quote " In domestics there are always two sides to the story" But I am concerned that my honest husband will admit to making the threat and that this may be used against him and a case built around this statement.
I would welcome your advice.

Obviously I cannot completely guarantee that the police will not take action but they will take into account the following factors

1. The police were not called at the time and the incident only reported weeks later

2. There were no independent witnesses

3. No one was hurt

4. No one else, neighbour, reported it

5. The police are aware that domestic situations can lead to strong emotions and generally give some licence provided, as here, no one is hurt and no real harm is done.

For these reasons a prosecution is very unlikely

Best wishes


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